Town of Waterford, NY

65 Broad St.
Waterford, NY 12188

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John E. Lawler - SupervisorDear Friends and Neighbors,   

As we approach the end of 2018 we can look back with appreciation and gratitude to all of those who work hard every day to provide our community with a safe environment and great quality of life.

Whether from our Highway Department that maintains our parks and plow our roads, our Wastewater Treatment employees, the staff at the Waterford Water Authority, or the Rescue Squad, they all do a fantastic job of making our lives easier and more enjoyable. We are also blessed to have a very dedicated and professional Police Department. These officers have all shown tremendous dedication under difficult circumstances this year. We owe them all a debt of gratitude.

One of Waterford’s greatest assets are the many volunteer firefighters who consistently put themselves in danger to protect us all. Their dedication and sacrifice are appreciated by everyone in our community.

If the opportunity presents itself, please take a moment to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our Town Employees and Volunteers who do so much for us.

And finally, on behalf of the Town Board and all of the employees of the Town, please accept our most sincere wishes that all of you and your families enjoy a wonderful and safe holiday season. May 2019 bring you all great success, joy and happiness.


         Our Hearts and prayers are with our Troops all over the world!